Meet the Crew

Want to learn a little more about the faces behind the photos? Each team member brings to the group their own special set of skills and together we form the greatest, most adventurous crew you’ll ever meet! Get to know our crew and their greatest strengths and weaknesses by reading our character statistics below!

Crew Organizer’s

BIO: Chris (Overzealous) Rhodes

Hiking Lakeside Trail

Meet Mr. Overzealous, the leader of this crazy crew who also happens to be our trip coordinator and designer. His sense of adventure leads us to the most amazing and excitement filled excursions. His skills include: detailed recon and investigation of our destination allowing us to be as prepared as possible, the ability to pitch a tent in the middle of the night while it’s pouring the rain, a vast historical knowledge filling him with loads of facts and information (no need for Google with him around!), and last but not least his overzealous desire to pack everything into one weekend trip! With him leading our crew we always know that we will cram all the fun of a 2-week vacation into just a two day weekend!

Strength: Recon, Research, Flight Sight, Tent Pitching, History
Weakness: Time, Battery Longevity

BIO: Heather (Quick Strike) Rhodes

Meet Mrs. Quick Strike, co-leader of the crew.  Her abilities and skills are endless and are unmeasurable.  She enhances all party members abilities and skills while using her unique talents.  Quick Strike is not only able to whip together a meal from nothing, pack a complete campsite, and call everyone to action at a moments notice, but she is a natural defender and will fervently protect her crew.  When provoked, she quickly attacks her victims with a poisonous soul piercing glare and then fades into her surroundings, secretly watching, while her poison debilitates the emotional wellbeing of her foes.

Strength: Enhances Others Abilities and Skills, Infuse, Defense, Protection, Poisonous Glare, Dissolve
Weakness: Arachnids, Impulsive




Crew Member’s

BIO: Alex (Zip Tie) Rhodes

Dabbing Dat Dab
Dabbing Dat Dab

Representing the teenage crowd and bringing a unique set of skills to the Crew is Mr. Zip Tie.  Efficient in Dabbing, Cell Phone Drowning, D&D dice rolling, and fixing all things with Zip Ties is just a few of his talents.  When encountered, be prepared for your survivability to be determined by chance.  With one roll and the creativeness of this Amazing Game Master, your fate is on the line.  Will you survive the encounter?  In the instance of a dab, he and his victim’s electronics will be destroyed and the only chance of repair is with a set of Zip Ties, but only if the rolls is above a ten on a 20 sided die.

Strength: Dabbing, Cell Phone Drowning, D&D Dice Rolling, Zip Tying
Weakness: Electronic Gaming and GnRH Lethargicness.

BIO: Zach (Need A’ Tow) Rhodes

Tree Stealth
Tree Stealth

Representing the Pre-Teen crowd is Mr. Need A’ Tow.  With the ability of stealth and the skills of climbing, rope tying, knife-toting, and pyro, be prepared!  Need A’ Tow will focus his skills on his victims by latching onto them and utilize and draining their power for his own use.




Strength: Climbing, Stealth, Rope Tying, Knife Toting, Pyro
Weakness: Technology (Debilitates all Strengths and Paralyzes the senses.)

BIO: Leo (Ah’ Mine) Rhodes

Bring Me A Yoo-Hoo!
Bring Me A Yoo-Hoo!

Representing the Toddler crowd is Mr. Ah’ Mine.  Ah’ Mine brings to our team his mastery of persuasion and hypnosis.  One look at his cute innocent face is too late for his victims!  By now they have fallen under his control and whatever he says is now their reality.  Ah’ Mine uses his ability to obtain ownership of his victim’s belongings and makes them willingly do his bidding. 



Strength: Persuasion, Hypnosis
Weakness: No Naps (Debilitates all Strengths and  overpowers emotional responses.)

BIO: Mason (X) Rhodes

Mason X
Mason X

Representing the newest member of our team, Mason X.  With skills un-matched from any other team member, Mason can leech all of his resources from another, causes swelling of his host, changes their physical appearance and disjoints them from the inside.  Invisible to the naked eye, he can only be seen via X-Ray vision. 



Strength: Host Infections, Invisibility
Weakness: Not Known at this time.