Haunted WV, North Bend State Park Rail Trail: Tomb Tunnel

Haunted North Bend Tomb Tunnel

North Bend State Park Rail Trail: Tomb Tunnel

The original Eatons Tunnel, Tunnel 21, was built in 1867. With the advancement in larger locomotives, the roofs on many of the tunnels along the rail line needed to be raised. On the 6th of June 1963, while working on Tunnel 21, the roof collapsed trapping two workers inside. One of the workers were rescued, but the other was presumed dead. With the tunnel being unsafe to continue digging, it was sealed off making it a tomb for the worker inside.

Construction for a new Tunnel 21 started parallel of the tomb. No marker was ever laid for the worker and digging continued. It wasn’t long after work began, the sounds of screams and banging could be heard from the nearby tomb. Workers in the tunnel reported seeing their former coworker appear as they worked and would vanish into the wall if they would approach.

Visitor’s visiting the North Bend Rail Trail have reported seeing a man standing within Tunnel 21, but he fades into the walls of the tunnel as they approach. Other Trail Travelers have seen a man standing in the woods adjacent to the tunnel’s entrance, but not knowing the man is the dead worker standing atop his tomb. As he is approached, it seems that he vanishes into the ground.

As you travel through Tunnel 21 via horse, bike, or hike, slow for a moment, and listen to its sounds and remember the worker forever trapped on the other side of its wall.

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