Haunted WV, North Bend State Park: Headless Campground Visitor

Haunted North Bend State Parks

North Bend State Park: Headless Campground Visitor

The beautiful campgrounds of North Bend State Park were not always so. Once the location of an Oil Well, workers would arrive every day to labor. One workday didn’t go as planned.

Workers were changing shifts when something went horribly wrong, causing a blast to rip across the grounds. Workers were violently knocked off their feet, some being blasted as far as 15 feet from where they stood. As the workers collected themselves, they realized just how lucky they were. It seemed that no one had been seriously injured or worse, killed. But, as they turned towards the Well, they saw the mangled corpse of one of their coworkers with his head blasted from his body. Workers searched for his head, but it was never found.

For years Park guests have reported seeing a headless man walking along the tree line in searching of something. But a spookier tale is of a fisherman on a moonlit night getting his line caught on the bottom of the pond. The line broke loose as if had been stuck on algae. As his line surfaced, he saw the head of a man fastened to his hook. Dropping his pole in fear, he ran to fetch his brother. When they returned, there was no head to be found.

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