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  Oh, where to begin. I feel like I could write a page full of buzzwords lol.  When I think of “about us” there are all kinds of things that pop into my head. Whirlwind. Our lives have for sure been a whirlwind.  We have only been together (nearly) 3 years and have packed so much life into such a short amount of time.  We have had a baby, hiked mountains, paddled across rivers and lakes, spent nights out under the stars, had more cookouts and campfires than I can remember.  We have partied with our very best of friends, driven across the Mississippi, walked on Beale St, explored the Alamo, and enjoyed the San Antonio River Walk.  We have walked the beaches of Florida and Virginia, flown on a plane for the first time, visited Dollywood, and so much more that I’m sure I forget right now. Love. We have experienced SO much more love in these short few years than we have at any other time of our lives.  The love of a new relationship.  The love and wonder that comes along with having a child.  The tears of love from seeing a grandparent hold their grandchild for the first time.  The love that comes from seeing the man you love hold his child in his arms for the first time.  The overwhelming love you feel for the woman who brought your child into this world. Sadness.  The unbearable sadness you feel when you hear the words, “I’m so sorry, they didn’t make it.” Losing not one, but the two most important men in your life. Having to watch the man you love go through that type of trauma. Trying to explain death to your children.  The feeling of knowing your mother will never lay eyes on your baby or be able to hold your hand in the delivery room. Possibility/Excitement. When I think about the possibilities of where our lives will take us, I feel my heart start beating faster.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is only the beginning and that we are just getting started.  There is so much more to explore, so much more to show our children, so much more love to share.  And we want to share it with you, the ups and the downs, the love and sadness, the excitement and wonder. So, come along and explore the world with us.  Hopefully we can inspire you to get out there and truly live. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]